How to Write a Capstone Project

July 25, 2019

When students are almost done with their studies, one of the requirements is that they complete a capstone project. A capstone project should illustrate all the important parts of your course during your entire course. In some cases, a capstone project may take a multidisciplinary approach and examine you on a couple of areas being studies as well. Being this highly complex, you are expected to write a highly quality capstone project that incorporates all the requirements as instructed by your examiner. How then are you supposed to write a capstone project and what are examiners really looking for in a capstone project. When writing a capstone project, first think about all the essays and term-papers that you have written from your freshman year. You should make sure that you understand the concepts and key issues that you were taught from the beginning of your studies. A capstone project is very complex.

The examiner can choose from any topic or issue that you have learn in the course of your studies. Approaching your capstone project in a dynamic manner is therefore very essential. Do not concentrate on a single topic or idea when writing your project. Any successful research paper requires a lot of research. That is why it is called a research paper. As a student, you are not limited in terms of your reference sources or the amount of research. In fact, the wider the scope of research, the more detailed your capstone project will be. When looking at external sources related to your topic, always make a point of quoting in your text the views of the authors of your sources. Most importantly, indicate in your paper the exact location says a page number of your source when you quote an external source or an idea that is not your own.

When choosing a capstone project topic, your topic must be relevant and within the paradigms of your course. If you are a business student, choose a topic that is related to your course. Your topic must be interesting as this is what examiners look for when marking your paper. Your topic must be in such a way that it introduces a debate and at the same time a little bit controversial. Controversial essay topics are mostly preferred by examiners as they give room for adequate analysis and argument. Most importantly, such topics give you the writer a chance to end your project with a strong conclusion. A capstone project is in one way or another similar to a thesis project. Most capstone projects are not less than 30 pages in number. This implies that you should assign ample time for your project. Good students are often effective time managers. After being assigned your capstone project, create a plan on how you are going to complete your project. Keep in mind that you must demonstrate in your project that you understand what you are required to do in your paper. The number of sources in your paper should be proportional to the length of your paper. For long projects, your paper should not have less than 10 sources. This demonstrates that enough research was done and thus the contents of your capstone project are not mere assumptions but well laid facts and arguments based on the existing literature related to your topic.