Can being religious make you happier?

July 25, 2019


The question we first need to answer is what religion is. It can differ from person to person. So it depends on an individual’s perception, what religion is to them. Generally, religion is classified as an integrating force, which produces social solidarity. Whether religion is the cause of happiness and tranquility of a person can be difficult to determine, but research has proved that religion does play an important part. When people are depressed and lose hope, they see a ray of sunshine in a higher God.  Religion provides a reason for people to continue their life in the hope of better living. This is the reason why many people go to church and other religious organizations so often. They are just not doing any formality but are genuinely putting their trust in God. They think that by believing in hope, they can experience calm and peace in their life. The only thing which is questionable is that there may be different motives of people to engage in religious acts.

Some people may come under the pressure of the society; that they are obliged to attend prayers. The truth may be that he/she may not genuinely want to go or it may be meaningless.

These people are the victims of social obligation. From childhood, human beings were taught to conform to their higher order. People have been brainwashed into accepting what they should truly do. Therefore, this has presented us with the scenario about the willingness and other factors why people may become religious. It may not be solely done for happiness. Therefore, one should not forget about the hidden story behind each case. There are some aspects which people tend to ignore; and misjudge. Being religious may not always make you happy. There are faults in every system. Recently, there has been a case of sexual abuse done by priests in the Vatican. Vatican is considered a holy place for Christians all around the world. The case of priests being involved in molestation is not a new one. It is just hidden from the local public so that there may be no shame.

Little do the people realize that priests are supposed to be holy people and if they will indulge in such acts, then their religion require a change in its operations. It is not right to force someone to become religious or to criticize them for not being involved in religious activities. It might not be the source of happiness for them; rather they can find solace in some other activity which they prefer.

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Can being religious make you happier?